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We at G2Loans understand the difficulty many homeowners are having making their mortgage payments. Since the great recession of 2008, the founder of G2Loans has been helping homeowners who need assistance due to loss of employment or economic difficulties.

Some homeowners whose mortgages are larger than the value of their property need to sell their property. Commonly known as a short sale. G2Loans provides short sale support for those homeowners. G2Loans has a network of realtors who have experience in listing and selling short sales. Together we find a purchaser for your home and convince the bank to accept the proceeds of the sale even when they are not enough to pay off the mortgage. Call us if you need or want to sell your house!

If you are behind in your mortgage because you have sustained a loss of income then you must educate yourself on your options regarding your mortgage!



When you are having trouble making your mortgage payments G2Loans can refer you to a qualified attorney who can review your options. You may be eligible for a loan modification regardless of your current interest rate. If the experience of 2008 is a guide, you will need help navigating the loan modification process.

Call G2Loans at 267-205-6101 and we will put you in touch with a licensed attorney to assist you with your loan modification.

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In Pennsylvania Loan Modification Services are provided by the Law Offices of Christopher McFarland.