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Being a landlord, owning a rental property can be a great way to generate semi passive income. But did you know that refinancing your rental property could help you achieve financial freedom even sooner? Refinancing your rental and tapping into its equity can give you a boost in useable funds to buy more investment properties!

Typically, a rental property will appreciate over time. As you pay down the mortgage the spread between the original mortgage value and the appreciated value of your property will increase. The difference is called net equity. Many investors look at the increasing net equity in their properties as a tool that can increase the size of their rental portfolios. How do you utilize your net equity if it exists only on paper?

There are multiple methods of utilizing your net equity to increase your purchase power. One is to cash out refinance your existing mortgage. Our clients prefer to use 30-year fixed mortgages that only factor in credit score and the DSCR of the property. We make underwriting these a breeze. Do what you do best and let us handle the heavy lifting.

What is DSCR?

The debt-service coverage ratio (DSCR) measures the cash flow available to pay current debt obligations. In basic terms, you take the rent and divide it by the PITI (principal, interest, taxes, and insurance) A number comes out and if it is 1.0 or better you will be on track to cash out refinance your property.

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Thinking of doing a Fix and flip in 2024? The “do list” and the “don’t list”

Eric Goldman


    • Build your Team
    • Buying correctly
    • Estimating rehab budgets correctly
    • Have as solid exit!


Investment real estate does not always need to be a team sport, you don’t always need to bring on partners. But what you need to do is have a team around you. These professionals (real estate agent or wholesaler, insurance agent, property manager, contractor and lender) will help guide you. If you are successful, they will be successful. We always stress having your team in place before starting a project.


Finding properties today is a bit more complicated than in the past, but as always, off-market properties are leading the way. One of the most important items on the “the do list” of flipping is to buy correctly on the front end. Overpaying on the front end can sink you on the back end. The front numbers always play a part in the back numbers if you are flipping or holding. What areas are you targeting? Are you going to be the first to do a flip in that area or the last?


Under estimating rehab costs is another item on the “don’t list”. We have managed over 100 projects in the last 7 years. The common theme we see Is that the rehab budget is constantly on the low side. We always stress the importance of building your team. This is real estate and what can happen usually does, we cannot foresee every issue that will pop up but leaving yourself with a solid contingency always helps. Don’t forget money for the appliances as we have learned on one of our own flips. The grade of rehab for the area is important. Don’t build a castle in an area that will not support it. Figure out who your end buyer will be. Your agent can get you these buyer demographics.


This goes back to buying correctly. If you overpay on the front, it will hurt you on the exit. Use your team, make sure there are comps to support your ARV (after repair value). If it does not appraise that is also a problem. Rates go up and down. Run the numbers at higher rate predictions for your end buyer, if they can’t get a mortgage for it that’s a problem. Run the numbers if you end up having to hold for a bit, do those numbers work? There are a lot of variables to real estate investing.